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Anti Spam Solutions

Approximately 90% of emails sent are unwanted Spam. We filter and discard the unwanted mail with a false positive detection rate accuracy of 99.99%.

We are so confident with the quality of our product that we do not quarantine any mail, and thus guarantee an uninterrupted mail flow.

We can also filter your outgoing mail for SPAM such that you will never get blacklisted, so you can mass-mail marketing information with peace of mind.

Should your internet service or email server go down, then we will queue your email for 8-days automatically.

This prevents incoming mail from bouncing back and ensures you don’t lose any mail whilst the problem is being rectified.

This service is included in the price whereas your ISP would normally charge extra for this service.

If you require more information on the purchase of one of the above mentioned anti spam solutions please contact us on the shortcut buttons above.

Alternatively you can complete the information on the Contact Us page and we will get in touch with you.